About Us

Tier One Nutrition was created by Nathaniel and Jessica Cook. Nathaniel a newly retired Infantry Officer and Jessica a Nurse Practictioner. Both Nathaniel and Jessica constantly strive to improve their way of life through fitness and nutritional supplementation. Identifying the need for a locally owned and operated nutrition center with the customers best interest at heart, Tier One Nutrition was created.

Nathaniel and Jessica have partnered with brands that reflect their personal views of providing the best supplementation available. Tier One Nutrition will always strive to give their community tier one service and second to none avenues for EVERYONE to achieve their lifestyle goals.

Their continued call to service stands as the foundation of Tier One Nutrition and their driving focus is not to get customers but to build lasting relationships people and the Savannah community.

We understand the daily grind is hard, and finding the time for a healthy lifestyle is even harder. Here at Tier One Nutrition we strive to provide everyone an avenue to achieve their nutritional goals through proper supplementation. Bench marking their progress with advanced analysis tools utilizing the Inbody 570 Composition Scanner, giving patrons immediate feedback on all their hard work. Customer service is our cornerstone; here you’re not a customer you’re family.


We offer a wide variety of Proteins, Pre Workouts, Pro Hormones, Test Boosters, SARMS, BCAA's, EAA's, Vitamins and Minerals. Some items carried in store will not reflect online due to vendor restrictions. Please contact us for any assistance you may need!


******************************18 months open update******************************


The Tier One Nutrition family has progessed and grown quite a bit. COVID 19 took hold of the nation and everyone has been forced to adapt. As everyone else we decided change the way we did things. So officially we are have decided to offer nutritious protein smoothies and loaded herbal teas. 

Coupled with the additional services we provided we offer free local delviery, free delivery on orders over $100 as well as curbside pick up for all of our products. This has been a wild ride and we have been blessed in so many ways. 

With those blessings we have been able to begin opening another location. So, Pooler, GA here we come!