It Takes The Collagen For The Skin.........And Joints.

The world today has become a continued bombardment of doom and gloom. Coronavirus or COVID-19 has dominated the news cycles, consumed your thoughts and forced our normal lives to come to a screeching halt. Keyboard warriors have become immunologist and subject matter experts providing their "knowledge," and insight on what is right or wrong. 

Coronavirus is driving sales of face masks, a game called Plague ...

Due to the high level focus on negativity I want to highlight some of the positive attributes of our current situation. 

Positivity vs Negativity - Two-Way Street Sign - Margaret Blaine

Since the Pandemic there has been a drastic Increases of:

***Self-awareness to what I've called for years "personal space."

Picture of Bubble Boy

***Spending time with your family 

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***Home work outs or exercise in general

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***Increased reliance on health and nutrition

Healthy Lifestyle: eng, fitness, health, lifestyle, nutrition ...

There are many more I could mention but wanted to focus on the last two at the moment.

Overall fitness has been spotlighted during this pandemic. Gyms shuttered angering many people that were frequent fitness fanatics driving their daily workouts home. For a majority of them their workouts had to become creative due to constraints in space, time and equipment.

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As people began to adapt to their new and hopeful temporary way of life people’s knowledge on the importance of fitness and nutrition became front and center. 

Here at Tier One Nutrition we sell a wide variety of supplements with a large amount coming from the sports nutrition area. While sports nutrition is vital in a competitive world, I feel overall nutrition has been overlooked.

Speaking of overlooked I feel that people have vastly overlooked the largest organ in/on their bodies. Their SKIN!

The skin covers roughly 22 square feet of the human body on a fully grown adult. It plays a vital role holding everything in. It is an airtight, watertight flexible barrier protecting us from the outside world. 

As our barrier it protects us from bugs, allergens, toxins, regulates our temperatures, protects us from UV rays, produces vitamin D and heals our wounds.

COLLAGENis the main structural protein in the extracellular matrix in the various connective tissues in the body. As the main component of connective tissue, it is the most abundant protein making up 25%-35% of the whole-body protein content.

COLLAGEN consists of amino acids bound together known as a collagen helix which is most found in fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments and skin. 

As we age natural collagen production in our bodies begin to reduce causing your skin to lose its vibrancy and elasticity. It has also been shown to cause joint discomfort.

Knowing these things, it is highly recommended that we supplement these losses of collagen production with a COLLAGEN supplement.

Keep in mind there are many different types of COLLAGEN.

Type I- Is the most abundant type of COLLAGEN in the body essential for healthy skin, tendons, organs, bones and digestion.

Type II- Almost exclusively for cartilage such as between bones to form joints.

Type III- Usually found with type I, it helps give skin elasticity and firmness and also forms blood vessels and heart tissue.

Type V- Also crucial for optimal skin health and formation as well as healthy hair.

Type X- Particularly important for bone formation and bone health.

The top five benefits of taking a COLLAGEN supplement are:

1. Improves your skin health

2. Helps relieve joint pain

3. Could prevent bone loss

4. Can boost muscle mass

5. Promotes heart health

SO! What should look for in a COLLAGEN

Look for COLLAGEN that is:

 Grass Fed


 Type I and Type III

Adding this little gem to your daily regimen will pay dividends over time. 


To recap:

-- Your skin is an organ and protects you from bad stuff

-- Natural COLLAGEN production in the body decreases over time

-- COLLAGEN supplementation with type I and type III will improve overall skin and joint health

below is a link to all of our joint and overall health supplements. Keep in mind we provide free delivery and free local delivery in Savannah, GA.



Stay Safe and