Changing one's habits is one of the hardest things anyone can ever do. As creatures of habit it's difficult to change the habits we have in order to live a more healthy life

In today's age when healthy living is beginning to be openly discussed , it leaves people wondering "WHERE TO START!"

For some that seems to be the hardest thing accompanied with what is actually healthy.

We're here to help. Alright so where do you start?


There is no magic pill or fast way that will make you change your lifestyle. People are creature of habits and typically take the path of least resistance.

S.M.A.R.T. goals have always been one of my favorite. 


In this case we want to make a SPECIFIC goal that can be measured in order for you to obtain what your looking for.

1. Find the unhealthy HABIT you do daily that isn't allowing you to live a more healthy lifestyle.

   EXAMPLE: smoking, drinking, soda, candy ect.

2. Create a tracking system or find a friend to maintain accountability. It is super easy to overlook or forget the items we don't do or food we put into our systems.

I also find it helpful to find a friend that is wanting to make the same changes you are. An accountability buddy was at times the only way I was able to train for some of the selection courses I have attended over the course of my career in the Army.

3. Determine the TIME you feel it will take to make a new habit. For most people three to four weeks is a decent time. 

4. Find a healthy ALTERNATIVE to the habit your attempting to change.

5. TRACK your progress by writing down each days events of what you did or did not do. This will give you a record of each day for you to reflect on, it will also provide honest feedback allowing you to REFINE your course of action.

Once you have obtained your goal, you will be able to move on to the next goal you want to achieve. 


To give you an EXAMPLE of what this looks like:

want to stop drinking Soda. Even though I drink Diet. Dr. Pepper with zero nutritional value in it what so ever, there is still a lot of sodium that is in it. 

So my goal is STOP DRINKING SODA. I give myself ONE MONTH to accomplish this task. I know as a creature of habit I drink a Diet. Dr. P every morning on the way to physical training with the Army.

Now in order for this to actually be successful I'll need to FIND AN ALTERNATIVE to soda. In this case my alternative will be water or an Essential Amino Acid drink (EAA) supplement. My favorite is Merica Labz Suprimos, Georgia Peach. The taste is delicious and has all of the 9 essential amino acids that cannot obtained any other way than your diet and supplementation. 




Each day I will write down what I have consumed between water, soda and the EAA's. As the days progress I want to see a decrease in the amount of soda consumed during the month till I consume none at all. As I progress in my goal and finally achieve drinking less or no soda I can chose the next goal I want to accomplish and move on.

Over the last few years of trying to live a more healthy lifestyle I realize my failure. 

Trying to stack too much change on myself only setting myself up for failure each time.  So start small and then add on to your new habit or change you have built over the course of the month.

If you feel you'll need more time before you move on the the next add some time to it and continue to write down and track your progress.

With new challenges we are all currently facing with Coronavirus, making a healthy change in our lives is something we all need. Please continue to stay safe, wash your hands, be good to your neighbor and SHOP LOCAL!!