MPA- ISO Poof Cereal
MPA- ISO Poof Cereal

MPA- ISO Poof Cereal

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Delicious High Protein Snack Option to Crush Cravings and Support Muscle Building

  • 110 calories or less per serving
  • High in protein
  • Low in carbs and fat
  • Help achieve daily protein requirements
  • Support lean muscle mass
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth
  • Great any time of day snack
  • Increase the protein content of meals
  • Mouth-watering flavors

What Are MPA Iso Poofs?

Iso Poofs are taking your snacking to a new level with crunchy protein-packed poofs made from high-quality milk protein isolate. The versatility of MPA Iso Poofs is endless as you can add them to many of the foods you already consume to help increase the overall protein content of your meal or snack. Not to mention, Iso Poofs are easy to pack and take along with you wherever your day takes you.

When you look for snacks, what do you generally find? Probably items high in sugar and carbohydrates, right? When you look at the average American’s diet, there’s no deficiency in carbs or fats. Yet, protein is one area where many people struggle to meet their daily requirements – especially if they are avid exercisers and are looking to add some quality lean muscle mass to their build.

MPA took what has been a very boring and unhealthy segment of the market and made it exciting again through this innovative functional food.

Skip the Sugary Snacks Full of Unhealthy Carbohydrates

If you were to walk up and down the snack aisles of the grocery store, what would you find? Product after product full of sugar and carbs – chips, crackers, pretzels, candy, donuts, brownies, pies, and pastries to name a few. You can’t blame the brands as sugar and carbs taste delicious. But they’re unhealthy and don’t align with your health and fitness goals.

The other issue has always been trying to add protein to snacks while minimizing unhealthy sugars and carbohydrates – without sacrificing flavor. That’s where MPA Iso Poofs reigns supreme.

Finally! A snack option you can feel good about eating without regret. With total calories being under 110 per serving, you can breathe easy knowing you’re not blowing your caloric intake through the roof with these crunchy poofs.

The clean profile found in MPA Iso Poofs is a delicious treat that can help satisfy your sweet tooth and cravings without sabotaging your diet. The high-quality milk protein isolate found in MPA Iso Poofs helps maintain and build lean muscle mass – even when dieting and in a caloric deficit.

Adults and Kids Alike Love the Flavor and Versatility of Iso Poofs

Iso Poofs were created to be a high-protein snack option that the entire family can love. Adults and kids love the delicious flavors of Iso Poofs and can feel good knowing that they are eating something that is actually healthy – while tasting like it shouldn't.

Even the pickiest eaters in your home will love and crave MPA Iso Poofs. Eat them by themselves or add them to your meals or snacks to increase the total protein content.

How to Best Use This High-Protein Snack

There's not a wrong way to use or eat Iso Poofs. Let your creativity run wild. The versatility of these high-protein poofs is one of its best attributes.

While MPA Iso Poofs can be eaten as a standalone by itself, there are some fun and creative ways you can use your Iso Poofs as well. Below are some incredible ways for you to boost your protein intake through the use of MPA Iso Poofs.

  • Use Iso Poofs in your salad as croutons
  • Add Iso Poofs to your Greek yogurt
  • Combine Iso Poofs in with your pudding
  • Top your cottage cheese with Iso Poofs
  • Toss some Iso Poofs in your oatmeal
  • Pour some milk (or milk substitute) over Iso Poofs as a cereal
  • Dump some in a bowl as a popcorn replacement
  • Place some on your favorite ice cream as a crunchy topping
  • Make your own trail mix and combine healthy nuts with Iso Poofs

With the many ways that you can implement Iso Poofs into your daily nutrition plan, you’ll never get bored with the wide variety of uses. No longer do you need to rely on protein shakes or bars to increase your protein content for the day. With MPA Iso Poofs you have a fun and enjoyable way to get in your recommended protein intake for the day.