What are SARMS?


SARMS, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are not as complicated as the name may sound! These sports research chemicals that were originally formulated for cancer patients are a great way to get the body or gains you’ve been dreaming of! Since the original intentions of SARMS were to help build/retain muscle function and growth in people who had muscle decomposition (without the side effects of Anabolic Steroids), these are perfectly paired with a healthy diet and exercise to help YOU gain the muscle you’ve been looking for. 

A typical cycle should be 8-12 weeks long followed by a PCT for 3-4 weeks. 

This ensures that you’re getting the full effects from the SARMs. Cutting a cycle shorter than 8 weeks is a waste of your money if you’re looking for good gains. In your first 4 weeks, you should start to “feel” your strength gains in the gym. After 6-8 weeks is when you will notice a visible difference in the mirror. Typically, you will see more definition and some growth at this time. In order to continue the growth you've seen, we encourage you to cycle on any SARMs for 8-12 weeks for maximum results. You should take your dose first thing in the morning so that your muscles quickly absorb it. This ensures that there’s nothing else trying to absorb into your muscles.


A PCT (post cycle therapy) is extremely important when it comes to SARMs and cycling on and off of them. This 3-4 week period after your cycle is when you give your body a break and let it return to its natural homeostasis. During this time, you should take a PCT such as PCTV by Blackstone Labs; it will aid your body in replenishing your natural testosterone. Many helpful ingredients in a PCT typically include Milk Thistle (aid in liver support), Saw Palmetto (aid in prostate support), and Acetyl Cysteine (aid in liver support). These ingredients and more keep you from losing the muscle, weight, and size that you gained during your cycle.  However, as a woman you do not have to take a PCT, but cycling is still recommended. 



GW-501516, or Cardarine is a great place to start when it comes to SARMS. Though it is not technically a SARM, this research chemical increases endurance, fat burning, and muscle growth all in one! Other benefits from taking Cardarine include glucose disposal, quicker wound healing, lower LDL cholesterol, higher HDL cholesterol, and others. Although we always recommend a healthy diet and exercise when taking any SARM, it is okay to have a not so good diet when taking Cardarine. Your diet and exercise and eating will determine how good your results are in the end. Since Cardarine isn’t a SARM and doesn’t suppress your natural testosterone, you do not have to take a PCT when cycling off. 

Another good feature about Cardarine is that it has a 24hr half life, so you only have to take it once a day! We recommend men taking 10-20mg a day and women to take 10-15mg a day.


Ostarine, also known as MK-2866, is the mildest SARM which makes it great for beginners, women, and SARM stacks. Ostarine is great to pair when leaning or bulking because it results in dry gains and it absorbs into your body well. Some benefits include increased endurance, lowers LDL, aids in fat loss, and is good for your joints. However, taking Ostarine alone isn’t going to promote extreme gains. You will see muscle growth, but is best stacked with other SARMS such as Ligandrol or Testalone to promote massive growth. Ostarine is best paired with a healthy diet and adequate exercise. 

Since Ostarine is a SARM, you will need to take a PCT after your 8-12 week cycle. Like Cardarine, it has a 24hr half life so you only have to take it once, in the morning. For men, we recommend taking 15-20mg, and women, 5-10mg a day.


Ibutamoren, also known as Nutrobal or MK-677, is also not technically a SARM so a PCT is not required after your cycle. Nutrobal has many benefits such as good sleep quality, increase HGH (Human Growth Hormone), increases your metabolism (when taking long term), and more! To increase your HGH, the secretagogue hormone signals the pituitary gland to do so. This is going to help you increase muscle past your natural ability. When taking Nutrobal, you will also have an increased appetite which can be good or bad.. A steady carb intake is key to getting over the hunger. A cycle of Nutrobal is much longer than a regular SARM cycle unless it is stacked with other SARMs such as Ostarine. When taking a long cycle, you will see fat loss, improved skin, and faster recovery.  

With all the pros, there are a few cons that include, water retention, feeling lethargic in the morning, and it can mess with your blood sugar. Since Ibutamoren makes your hold water, it is good to reduce your salt intake and increase your potassium. If you are diabetic or have any trouble with your blood sugar, we highly discourage you from taking this product. 

Dosing of Nutrobal is different depending on how long you want to take it and if it is stacked. When taking Nutrobal alone, you should take a small amount for an extended time such as 5-10mg a day for 24 weeks and cycling off for 4 weeks. If you stack Nutrobal with a SARM, you should take a little more (10-20mg a day) for 8-12 weeks. With either cycle, you can split the doses or take it all together in the morning. 


Similar to Cardarine and Nutrobal, Stenabolic (SR-9009) is not a real SARM so it doesn't suppress your natural testosterone. It is known to be “exercise in a bottle.” Stenabolic has many benefits like nutrient absorption, increased endurance, increased oxygen intake, increased fat loss, improved mood, regulated blood sugar, and control anxiety so it is great for anyone! Even if you don't do hard core workouts, this is a great option for you to promote a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. It is also completely fine for men and women to take. 

Dosing is the only downfall known. Since Stenabolic only has a half life of 3-4 hours, it is required to take multiple times a day. Men and women should take 20-30mg in total per day so 5-10mg every 4 hours is about perfect. We suggest cycling Stenabolic for 10-16 weeks and 4 weeks off. We highly discourage you from taking it any less than 10 weeks. You should start to see physical changes after 4 weeks in!


S23 claims to be the strongest SARM and is not recommended for beginners. It is also known as “male birth control” because it is highly suppressive and can cause testicle shrinkage (that is reversible). However, S23 increases lean muscle, increases strength, promotes fat loss, low water retention, increases bone density and is also good for your prostate. We highly recommend taking an organ support with your cycle since it is a very strong SARM and can cause damage to your liver if you are not careful. We do not recommend anyone under 20 or over 30 to take S23 because of how suppressive it is. 

You should cycle on S23 for 8-10 weeks at 10-30mg in total per day. It has a 12hr half life so you should split the doses in half (5-10mg twice a day). Taking a PCT after your cycle for the same length of the you were on S23 will help replenish your natural testosterone. 


Ligandrol (LGD-4033), is the SARM that offers the biggest gains. It is perfect for someone who is looking for an aid in bulking. With LDG, your results will include increased muscle mass, increased strength,and faster recovery. When taking LGD, your body will retain a lot of water because it is a wet gainer. To help with some of the water retention, we recommend taking Evaporate. 

You only have to take Ligandrol once a day since it has a 24hr half life. Men should take 5-10mg and women should take 5mg a day for 8-12 weeks. Like S23, men must take a PCT for 4 weeks so your body can return to homeostasis and replenish natural testosterone.


RAD-140, or Testalone is great for strength gains, increased muscle mass, increased endurance, and increased recovery. RAD is also good for your prostate. This SARM stacks really well with Nutrobal because RAD can cause mood swings and sleep deprivation. RAD is known to not only aid in muscle growth, but also aid in fat loss because it changes how your body stores fat. Since it does aid in some fat loss, it is considered to result in a dry gain and is good for bulking (when taken with LGD) or leaning (when taken with Cardarine or Ostarine).

This SARM is okay for men and women to take for 10-12 weeks and cycle off for 4 weeks. Testalone has a 24 hour half life so men should take 15-20mg once a day and women should take 5-10mg once a day. Men should always take a PCT for 4 weeks after your cycle on a SARM that is suppressive. 


Myostoine (YK-11) is a hybrid between a steroid and a SARM. It has the same chemical makeup as a steroid, but has the same actions as a SARM. Some of the pros of taking YK11 are it’s extremely versatile, little to no water retention, and the mass muscle growth. YK11 also amplifies aggression/ personality in general which is up to you to determine if it's a good thing or not. However, with the mass gaine you can get from taking Myostine, there are a few cons that come with it. They include extreme testosterone suppression, its liver toxic, possible prostate growth, and gyno is possible if not taken as recommended. You should also be on an estrogen blocker and an organ protectant throughout the entire cycle. With that being said, it is not recommended for women without any experience in taking SARMs. 

Myostine has a half life of 10 hours so you should take it twice a day to ensure it is always in your system. We recommend men taking 5-15mg a day which would be 2 doses of 5-10mg for 8 weeks. You shouldn’t push this cycle any longer than 8 weeks and a PCT is absolutely necessary for 4-8 weeks.


 S4 is known as Andarine and is sometimes called the most versatile SARM. It is great for gaining lean muscle, losing fat, and your overall health. Since it is so versatile, recomp, cutting, and bulking are all options when taking S4. Andarine is a great stacker or standalone. Pairing it with Cardarine and/or Ostarine is a great cutting cycle. Though it has many benefits, it can cause a yellow tint on your vision, especially at night. Andarine also only has a half life of 3-5 hours so it is required to take multiple times a day. 

If multiple doses a day isn't a problem for you, men and women should start at 25mg a day split into 4-5 doses. After assessing tolerance for about 2-3 weeks, you can take up to 50mg a day. We recommend only taking S4 for 8 weeks followed by a 4 week PCT for men. Pushing this cycle to 12 weeks would be unnecessary and potentially harmful to your body.



SARMS are research products only and are not for human consumption. SARMS have not been approved by the FDA and are not dietary supplements. 


If you have accidentally taken SARMS for any extended period of time, you must ensure you properly cycle off them with a post cycle therapy. IF you do not, you run the risk of contracting gynecomastia. Be safe and smart when consuming sports supplements; consult your doctor or physician when doing so.